Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I am grateful for…

…my husband who prepares home-made pizza at whim.
…my son who makes me proud when he cleans the car and lovingly babysits.
…my daughter who helps me enjoy doing nothing with a whole day of play.
…my manager who coaches me on how to succeed in my career.
…my friends who brighten my day with their company. mother for unsolicited advice that always turns out to be solicited.

I am grateful for...

…the time I get to spend with my family.
…the job that keeps my creative juices flowing.
…the debt-free home that has become my haven of rest.
…the 15 pounds that I lost during the holidays (that shall never return).

Saturday, December 27, 2008


I don't consider the idea of changing into a new set of wardrobe was originally my own. After all, I enjoyed my clothes as they were - soft, good fit, and in varied, toned-down colors. Then came December 26, when I excitedly washed a new set of pink blanket & pillows into my trusty Samsung washing machine. Thinking of optimizing the energy consumption and water, i decided to toss in some of my colored clothes for a spin. Lo and behold, after a few minutes of spinning, all turned into varying shades of pink! Imagine me looking like a Barbie doll enthusiast nowadays!
So the nugget of wisdom for that day was to wash separately. That is, if do not want to go monochromatic like I just did!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Special Gifts I Received This Christmas

I'm blessed to receive very special gifts this Christmas.
The team 2 manufacturing supervisors drew lots for our Kris Kringle. I was thrilled to get my Christmas wish which I wrote on our white board. But it was much more than a was a masterpiece! Creatively encapsulated inside an Absolute mineral water bottle and nesled amidst shreds of comic strips was Stephen Covey's bestseller, "The 8th Habit" from my wacky friend, Christian Nacionales.

My manager Gilbert Miral gave me another bestseller - The Secret. I read it in just 2 days! I've been saving to buy the book in January '09 but he already beat me into buying it.

I love these books because they help me introspect. They are tools for inner growth.
Thanks a lot to Sir Gilbert and CN for this gifts of knowledge! I will treasure them for a lifetme. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Intel Philippines Front-of-Line Assembly Engineering Christmas Party

Christmas is a special time when we can we can gather with friends and share fun & laughter, food and drinks, even tears of joy. One such warm get-together was the FOL Assembly party. It was a well-attended and memorable event.

The party people wore black shirts with a common design. According to JP Santos, the shirt has all the Intel buzzwords of the last quarter printed in different fonts & sizes, which from afar looked like circuits. That's C-R-E-A-T-I-V-E!

The party started with a bang as the Children of Hope Community caroled their way into the hearts of the attendees. They sang fast tunes and Christmas songs which brought the house down!

This generous group gave more than P2000 as a token of their appreciation! So the kids thanked them in return with the traditional "pagmamano" gesture because all the FOL folks became their instant godparents that day.

There were 2 kids who were special particularly because their looks resemble that of our office mates Rey Adriano & Donald Locana :-)

Among the games played in the party was The Battle of the Jologs. The group was divided into into 2 groups. Each group was asked to line up in ascending order according to waistline. This created a wacky commotion among the group because they were suddenly forced to disclose their vital stat!!

Other highlights include the tribute to our separating employees, and the presentations per section (ala "That's Entertainment" ni Kuya Germs ang arrive").

Special thanks to the committee who came up with the Assembly Video tribute tokens and for making this gig possible: Cris Sumague, JP Santos, Daisy Sapul, Ronald Ebora, Dea Fucoy, Jason P. Cruz, Rina Guzman, Allen Mari De Leon, Ed Gacho &
Rhodora "Dhoy" Amaya. It was a Box Office Hit!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Intel Christmas Party Fever!

OK, that's not me... that's Tuesday Vargas, our guest performer in our recently concluded Intel Philippines Site Christmas party. With her is one of my friends, Renezon Panaguiton, belting out a pop song with all his might. This one of kind event was held in no less than the Philippine International Convention Center. One of my best experiences in 2008 is hosting a major company event in PICC. It was a back-to-back fun-filled event! Employees looked glamorous on November 21 & 24...some were even mistaken to attend the Abba concert because they came all dolled-up.
Dear friend, Antonio de Boda (Tonton) co-hosted the event. It was also a memorable despedida for our colleagues who will retire in December.

Close friend & brother John Paul Santos was the party's voice over talent. On top of that, he also shared the spotlight with Tuesday via the mushy duet of "Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang." Look at him, all smiles & blushing :-)

The EP-EC christmas party, in turn, was a wacky event. RSM Tagaytay was a romantic, christmassy place. Makes one very sentimental & emotional with the breezy air and the Taal Volcano view. We paid tribute to 4 of our co-volunteers who will separate in yearend. I felt so blessed to win in the raffle & brought a christmas ham!

The HR party was warm and touchy. There was an avalanche of viands but Dencio's Tagaytay's sisig was to die for. Thanks for the ham giveaway!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Prepare for the Mother of All Reunions

2010 is just around the corner! All Magdalenean High school Batch '90 alumni are invited to celebrate the homecoming reunion in the grandest fashion. We guarantee it to be a life-altering event everyone will remember for a lifetime. Get to see your teachers, canteen staff (remember Ti Toyang) past flames, puppy loves, crushes, barkadas and fiends!!
As a preview and preparation for the grand event (and also to give early heads-up so the ladies can do accelerated weight loss), we classmates are committed to meet this December to have a Christmas party cum planning session for 2010. Please do come or you'll lose half of your life! It's difficult not to be around because you get to be the topic of discussion by default. (Ang wala, napagtitsismisan, hihi!)
To prove to you how dead crraaaazzzy we are in pushing through with this gig, check out this clip. (Thanks to my son Joshua for his cinematic styling - he's earning a living through this$$) Hope you get to be part of the next clip!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Three Fs

We left Cavite before 7:00 AM to go to Valentino's Resort and Spa. It's a date with my family and our other Intel Involved volunteers' families. It was a day where everyone expected to have fellowship, fun, and a feast. The place was captivating, to say the least. Located in Brgy. Pinagtung-ulan, San Jose, Batangas, this pristine getaway faces the majestic Mount Makulot. The owners intended to leave in an untouched state the contour of the land which added for more visual effect. The pavilion became our fellowship hall where the families convened, ate and where the children played games.

Two pools set on the lowest and farthest part of a resort captivate even the non-swimmer to take a dip and enjoy. (You should see the kids beg their parents to swim some more even though they're already tan!) The cabanas complete the ambiance of elegance and accentuate the "pamper me philosophy".
After swimming for an hour, we explored the hanging bridge in the resort. This bridge connects the pool area to the three guest houses. When I asked Mrs. Tessie Patron, resort proprietress, why there are three guest houses, she told me it's because she has three children.
The invigorating massage in Valentino's Spa made this day much more special. While waiting for my turn to be rubbed in lavender oil by Miss Yolly, I spent the afternoon, with Mrs. Patron as we engaged in meaningful talk. I was inspired by their family's penchant for engaging in several businesses. It also came as a pleasant surprise for me that this resort was originally intended for family use only. They opened it eventually to the public, due to popular demand.
I can only describe the massage as indulgence to the max! All my muscles aches were vanished after the 45-minute session. It makes me want to slumber thereafter.
Interested parties may go to or call tel nos. (043) 783-0558'; 09184952338/09208025023.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Welcome to the Christian World, Baby Noah

Happy parents Enrico & Espie Carreon shared with their relatives, friends and officemates the joy of welcoming their adorable son Noah into the christian world. Noah, who was born last August 14, 2008, was the center of attraction
. Who could resist his angel-like features?

Noah was baptized in Tahanan ng Mabuting Pastol Catholic Church at 10am. Afterwards, the reception was held in David's tea House, Aguinaldo Highway, Dasmarinas City, Cavite. It was a very memorable event attended by over 100 guests. Among the relatives from Cocoy's side who attended the event were Mrs. Carmelita Carreon, Mrs. Pura Gomez (tita), Mr. Noel Carreon with daughter Mikai; Mr. Edilberto Carreon with Veronica and nico and Ms. Chrisel Carreon.

Among the relatives who attended from Espie's side were Mrs. Rosita manalo, Mr. Jojon manalo, Mrs. Yolanda Armiendo with Liezle and Luis manzano.

Noah is blessed to have responsible godparents in the person of Ricky Pano, Connie Renolayan, Susan Rodriguez, Joy Blancia, Lina Basong, Gerlee Gutierrez, Randy Teodoro, Joel Abundabar, Alex Retulla, Arnold Bautista, and Apol Bacuetes.

The sumptuous menu included rice, shanghai,birthday noodles, chopsuey, pata tim, fried chicken, leche flan, sweet & sour pork. Great food, great place, great people. What a grand way to welcome Noah into the Christian world!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Run for Your Life!

It was a morning worth waking up early for. After all, it was for a worthy cause. So, equipped with only 3.5 hours of sleep (still had to work 7pm-12mn the night before), I carpooled to Bonifacio High Street to run my second marathon.

Joining a marathon is not a fad. For me, it is a symbol of my commitment to take care of myself so I can have a long and healthy life. On top of that, I was reunited with the health buffs of Holiday Homes Running Club, and pals Jenesis Tagle & Mike Espino. Dear friend Lorelie Alan had a severe stomach ache so she was not able to make it. (Although she still gets to keep the shirt as a souvenir.)

Together with my running buddies, I went off to conquer the Adidas King of the Road Marathon in Bonifacio Global City. I took on the 5k run together with Jenesis. I was surprised when friends and office mates Ren & Arpi Quiray were there too. Mike's brother, Mel Espino, also joined us- this was his first marathon (virgin runner :-)).

On the other hand, Jen's amiable brother Naser, Mike, and the rest of our friends surpassed the arduous 10k.

Endurance is the name of the game. Beat your own record time and you're victorious!

Even though the certificate does not have my own name written on it (as most marathon certificates do), I still feel proud because I did not quit. Bonus: I saw Rovilson Fernandez (of "Ang-Pinaka Show", QTV 11) and Paolo Abrera ("Hired", QTV11) joined the fun! Such good role-models they were!Our running buddy Jerome looked cool while endorsing the marathon's official energy drink!

Another pleasant surprise was seeing Raf Sanga after the run. Apparently, he joined too. Special thanks to dear friends Mike Espino, Ren and Arpi Quiray for these precious pictures!

However, the fun-filled day did not end after the marathon. Before heading home, we dropped by our friend Liezel's despedida. She's excited because she's bound for Australia that afternoon. Bon voyage, Friend! Discerning our hunger, she prepared a feast of pancit palabok, bread, butter & coffee. (That's approximately 300 calories each!) The meal was followed by 2 karaoke intermission numbers; then we went home. Each aching muscle reminded us of another challenge won.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sweet Celebration

Slices of chocolate cakes and ice cream cones are indispensable in memorable occasions. These were given as thank you tokens to CV employees for an excellent CPU delivery.

As a symbol of gratitude, no less than the shift managers and manufacturing supervisors handed over the comfort foods. It was like a mini-birthday partylast night!

Here's the mascott (at the right, wearing a hat) delightfully giving away a 250-calorie vanilla drumstick ice cream to a bonafide sweet tooth :-)

Stuffed with Goldilocks and Cornetto drumsticks, all the employees in our shift literally tasted the "sweet taste of success!"It was truly a sweet tooth's paradise! However, much more sweeter than these is the $1,500 prize for hitting the Q3'08 CVAT challenge which will be given on October 25. Less tax, that's around Php40,000! Fantastico!!!

Thanks to the Intel management for all these blessings!
By the way, it's the 10th of the month, remember? So happy pay day to all!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

iPod Shuffle Craze

I can't blame my son for enjoying the iPod Shuffle his uncle gave him as pasalubong last Monday. I borrowed it to try what this light-weight gadget does. Plug it in your ears and you instantly enter a world of superb sound entertainment. You'll feel every beat, understand all the lyrics. It's so small yet so powerful! It does not require a disc or a cassette tape in it. (It's just the size of my thumb!) It comes in neon colors and has the capacity to store more than 100 songs! You can bring it to aerobics class, enjoy it while in a long or short commute. No wonder the Walkman walked-out with its coming.
Now I understand why the youth is into this iPod Shuffle Craze. It's cool, trendy and a trusty companion for music lovers like me.

Intel Pinoy Singing Idol & Intel Dance-off Contest in CV

The Intel Pinoy Singing Idol & Intel Dance-off Contest in CV was an SRO (standing room only) event! A silent corner in the CV canteen transformed into a performing stage complete with lights and sounds. Eleven contestants unleashed their singing prowess and vocal styles in the Intel Pinoy Singing contest. From pop, to ballad to gospel, all the different genres were showcased. Almost all the departments were represented so each contestant has his/her own cheering team when they sang. On the other hand, the performances of the four groups that joined the Intel Dance-off were just as exciting. All of them were from manufacturing department. The dance hits of hip-hop icon FLO Rida (pronounced "Flo- ray-duh" as per my friend Mike) were the most popular tunes.The audience had fun watching the show which ran for two hours and most of our audience did not mind standing up the whole time! Hosting this show was a truly enjoyable experience. This afternoon's back-to-back Intel Pinoy Singing Idol & Intel Dance-off Contest in Intel Cavite was a blast!

Monday, October 6, 2008

My Passion that is Running

I'm enthralled and oozing with excitement. I'll be running my 2nd marathon on October 11, 2008 Saturday. This time it will be the Adidas King of the Road marathon. Assembly starts at 5:00 am in Bonifacio Global City. I'll be wearing Bib number 9857, blue shirt, medium (whoa! No longer XL). 5 kilometers.
My passion for running started in grade 1 when I ran 100-meter relay dash in St. Benedictine Abbey School, Alabang. My second opportunity came in college when I trained in the track and field varsity team of my university (in Diliman).

When I started working, I have always hoped I can run again, even just for fun. This year, it happened.
Thanks to my running buddy Jenesis Tagle, who registered on my behalf for my first-ever marathon (Milo marathon last August), and this upcoming run. He always made sure my shirt sizes fit. He also took pictures of us after the event. Cool!
Thanks also to my running buddy Michael Espino for allowing me to carpool in these early morning gigs.
Finally, thanks to running buddy & (girl scout) Lorelie Alan for lending me an extra towel when I was dripping wet during the Milo run.
I'm grateful for the moral support the three of them give me.
Adidas is correct. Impossible is nothing. At this point of my life - it is.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Discipline is
... having a gameplan for the day, for the week...for your life.
... preparing your things the night before so you won't be rattled every morning;
... is falling in line to ride a bus or a jeepney.
... coming on time and leaving on time.
... keeping one's commitment even though it may entail much effort or discomfort.
... more precious than cramming, and yet it is free; it readily beats the quick fix people buy in the drugstore.
... is keeping the promises you made to your loved-ones even though they'd understand if you break it.
... is the key in transforming dreams to reality.
... a weapon against poverty.
... a step up in the ladder of success.

Making Room for Roo

My daughter Roo just turned two years old and three months last October 3. I realized that it's time for her to have her own room. I saw the following stuff in Target's website and it caught my attention.
This Dream Castle convertible bed has a storage underneath the mattress. Awake or asleep, she will definitely feel like a princess!

This Dora the Explorer desk will inspire her to read stories and write the alphabet. Caliente!

A dollhouse bookshelf is another dual-purpose toy/furniture. Definitely a mainstay in every girl's room.

This bee-inspired clothes hamper will make clothes organizing fun!
Now, wouldn't it be great if I can order online now and get these shipped within the week?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Travel Light

It's amazing to observe how astronauts leave planet earth carrying only their bare essentials. They don't load up their space shuttles with jewelry, designer clothes or golf clubs. They travel light. No extra baggage. Despite this, they have a grand time.
Though not all of us will get the chance to go to outer space, we can take a cue from our astronauts in terms of travelling light. We should learn to prioritize. Get rid of the unnecessary activities - things that do not have value-add. Live in day-tight compartments. Do not procrastinate. Face one problem at a time. Do not complicate the simple. Do not carry bitterness and anger in your heart. Stop blaming others for the unfortunate things that happen in your life. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Just learn from them. Learn from others''mistakes. Grow up but don't grow old. Don't stop hoping and dreaming.
Have in life only the essentials. The critical few. You'll enjoy life much better then. In simplicity there is order. In order there is peace. So travel light and enjoy the adventure that is life.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No Way But Up

There is more to life than just existence. Don't settle for anything less than what life has to offer. Set your sights on things above. There is no way but up. Start believing again that what you envision in your mind and hold dearly in your heart will come true. No ifs, no buts. Cheer up. Right now. Dream again. Outdo yourself again. Win your daily battles. Do not be disheartened by roadblocks or obstacles. instead, learn from them.
There is so much power in each of us to mold our future to what we so desire it to be. However, we unconsciously allow other people or circumstances to drive us when our minds become lazy; instead of thinking creatively, we choose to sulk in purposelessness...assuming that even if we don't proact, things will still turn out for us favorably. Expecting change or improvement to happen when you are not changing anything in your situation is foolish.
We cannot act like victims and let other people run our lives for us. Neither can we remain passive in silent protest when our lives are going on the opposite direction of where we want it to be. We must jump on our vision, cease life's daily opportunities, and rekindle the passion to turn our dreams in to reality.
Let us propel to greater heights, using our faith as our right wing, and our focused actions as our left wing. Resist to live in mediocrity. Every morning is a chance to do one's best, and every night - a time to dream new dreams that will find it's fulfillment in the morning.
Don't wait until you're 40, or 50, or until you've retired, or until your kids grow up and get married;don't wait until you become a millionaire, or until you marry one. Live your best life now. Make it happen!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We Salute the Educators

Teaching is a calling. To be patient in parting knowledge and inspire students day-in and day-out is a noble act. Having the discipline to prepare lesson plans, check papers and record grades are only among the arduous tasks teachers face daily, 10 months a year. Many teachers still squeeze in time to tutor lagging students, or coach excelling students in divisional or regional competitions.
I remember 5 teachers who have influenced me deeply. It's my turn to thank all of them for their passion, commitment and dedication in teaching me and the countless students. Ms. Pineda, who was my kindergarten teacher in BF Homes School, Pilar Village, Las Pinas, taught me my ABCs, 1,2,3s, and the Hawaiian hoola dance (my first public appearance). Mrs. Palomique, my grade 4 Pilipino teacher in St. Mary's Academy, Pasay City, exposed me to recite poems in all of grade 4's 8 sections. She would introduce me to her class as a student who was creative and prolific in delivering poems. We'd go from one section to another, and with each poem recited with gusto, my confidence soared sky-high. Ms. Gracia Divina Pablo, my grade 6 adviser (also in St. Mary's Academy), encouraged me to hone my leadership and academic skills simultaneously. On that year I became a girl scout troop leader, the most mission-minded student, and the class vice-president of Section 1. Ms. Myrna Vidal, my first-third year high school English teacher, gave me confidence to write and to edit in our school paper, the Magdalenean. She also coached me as I prepared for extemporaneous competitions, essay-writing contests, and declamation contests. When I reached fourth year high school, Ms. Carolina Baylen, my Pilipino teacher, exposed me to join and win Pilipino competitions at the divisional level, be a part of the youth municipal officers in Cavite City, and even become Bb. Wikang Pambansa title holder.
When I reached college, and thereafter, my MBA, I realized how much influence my teachers had on me. I was equipped with patience for research, discipline to accomplish assignments and projects within lead time and to participate in recitations. Studying, for me, is not a chore but an adventure. I enjoy learning and absorb knowledge like a sponge absorbs liquid.
To pay homage to all my teachers, I volunteer-teach in 2 public schools in General Trias. The opportunity to share and to make a difference in the life of today's youth is so immense. If I can only do a fraction of what my teachers did for me as a student then I would be content.
To all our teachers, you are heroes. Kudos to you.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

On Volunteering

It's got to be your passion to do it because it has no pay.
It's got to be done regularly. Episodal volunteering has no visible impact to the beneficiaries.
It must be sincere. People easily "smell" if you fake it.
It's got to be pure. No self-interest, selfish motive nor personal gain.
It's got to be fun so you look forward to doing it again, and again, and again.
It's got to be done with a humble spirit. Less talk, more work, more sweat means more gains for the community.
You have to be ready to invest your precious time, talent and treasure. It's a total workout for the heart, mind, body, and spirit.

To sum it all: volunteering is an act of love. That's why I volunteer.


Saturday, September 27, 2008


The secrets toward not having stage fright when hosting parties or programs:
  1. Be genuinely interested in people. Know your audience before you face them. Think & be convinced that your audience will have a grand time.
  2. Do not be consumed with self-defeating thoughts onstage or offstage. This kills confidence and shows on your face (it turns red), hands (they tremble and sweat), your whole body.
  3. Do not be conscious at all. Avoid thinking that you will screw up or that you will stutter or that you are not good enough.
  4. Practice well, practice smart, and then practice some more. It doesn't matter whether the activity is big or small. Every event is an opportunity to master your craft.
  5. Read voraciously. You can share (talk) endlessly when you read a ton. Stock knowledge.
  6. Learn from previous mistakes.
  7. If the event permits, encourage participation.
These I've learned from 17 years of hosting events. It's never too late for anyone to start conquering their stage fright. So what are you waiting for...break out of your shell! :-)


An earthquake shakes the whole surrounding. It has no guarantee of stopping right away. You've got to think and react fast. It's natures way of telling you to hold on to what is dear and precious and let go of those that aren't. It does not spare anyone from an abrupt shakedown. One just needs to have presence of mind and a practical strategy as to where to find safety and seek least until the trembling stops. A clear sense of direction and some common sense come in handy.
What occurred to me and many of my friends this week can be likened to an emotional earthquake. It forced all of us to revisit our priorities, to think deep and hard on what the future will look like after this week. It taught us to assess our beliefs, whether our faith can carry us through or what we had all along was only make-believe. This situation made me realize who my real friends are, and I also found out the phonies. It made me closer to my God who provided refuge, comfort, and security.
At the earthquake's aftermath, many still tremble. Some are still dumbfounded and shocked to the point of inaction. However, a lot are already in the process of rebuilding. Starting anew. Hopeful. Smiling. Capitalizing on the fact that this new beginning can be a signal for a reinvention of ones self, or an upgrade as we in the tech industry call it.
Bouncing off after this (WW39) episode is indeed liberating. As I process what this week means to me, I can conclude that I am blessed and that nothing is impossible to God. Because even the earthquake yields to Him.

Friday, September 26, 2008

On Character

A person's true character is revealed in times of challenges & trials. His true values come out of the open when there are tough choices to deal with; when he may either compromise with ease or stand for his convictions.

I know of a person who has a very strong character. Aside from being professional at work, he is the kind of person you would like to know better & emulate. He handles life's issues with objectivity & composure. Grace under pressure. He refrains from having favorites and treats even his subordinates with respect. He is also my role model in terms of discipline and work ethic. He is tough inside out and empowers his people to succeed. He admits his mistakes and learn from them. He is a passionate family man and manager. His sense of humor is subtle.

Though we no longer see each other, I still remember his character which had a very strong impression on me. And though I am a "work in progress," I hope to be able to follow his footsteps someday.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mind Over Matter

It's most difficult to be rational at a time when you know that all the things will never be the same from hereon. What many of us envision to be an easy turning point suddenly changed at the instant that the truth was revealled to us personally - when it hits close to home.
Acceptance is the key...but even the process of acceptance has to be learned gradually;with the mind as a continuous battlefield, resisting to change which we know to be inevitable.
With heartfelt sincerity I pray that all of us who are impacted by this change will be able to hurdle it through the pain and redirect ourselves to conquer new ground. May this be a positive turning point and the mark of a new start for everybody.
To those who will be left behind and hold the fort, be courageous. There are more milestones to be reached, more victories to savor. Conitnue to raise the bar of excellence for our site. God-willing, one day, the Philippines will be 7K-manpower strong again.
God is in control now and he will be in control over our future. Accept, trust and obey. Then move on.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Managing Ambiguity

When faced with difficult circumstances in life, we need only remember one thing: this too shall come to pass. With God's grace, what seems ambiguous now will become crystal clear in the future. What makes life more meaningful and exciting is being able to surpass trials with victory. We may be at the crossroads, with many choices and a hazy view ahead of us. However, our faith in God will pull us through. At this point, we should introspect and seek God's wisdom on what next steps to take. Coming humbly before the Lord in total surrender results in peace of mind and clarity of thought. Consult him regarding things of the future and yield to His direction. As His word says, "though the darkness may come in the night, His joy comes in the morning."
Cling to the Lord and hold on to His promises. Ask Him to give you the wisdom to see, and the heart to learn what He is trying to teach you in this time of ambiguity. Use this situation to bring you closer to Him. Anticipate a fresh revelation towards a more fulfilling life lived for His glory. Finally, cheer up! God's people have no cause for worry.