Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Managing Ambiguity

When faced with difficult circumstances in life, we need only remember one thing: this too shall come to pass. With God's grace, what seems ambiguous now will become crystal clear in the future. What makes life more meaningful and exciting is being able to surpass trials with victory. We may be at the crossroads, with many choices and a hazy view ahead of us. However, our faith in God will pull us through. At this point, we should introspect and seek God's wisdom on what next steps to take. Coming humbly before the Lord in total surrender results in peace of mind and clarity of thought. Consult him regarding things of the future and yield to His direction. As His word says, "though the darkness may come in the night, His joy comes in the morning."
Cling to the Lord and hold on to His promises. Ask Him to give you the wisdom to see, and the heart to learn what He is trying to teach you in this time of ambiguity. Use this situation to bring you closer to Him. Anticipate a fresh revelation towards a more fulfilling life lived for His glory. Finally, cheer up! God's people have no cause for worry.

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Gracie said...

Hi Edna, great start. just continue it and have fun!