Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mind Over Matter

It's most difficult to be rational at a time when you know that all the things will never be the same from hereon. What many of us envision to be an easy turning point suddenly changed at the instant that the truth was revealled to us personally - when it hits close to home.
Acceptance is the key...but even the process of acceptance has to be learned gradually;with the mind as a continuous battlefield, resisting to change which we know to be inevitable.
With heartfelt sincerity I pray that all of us who are impacted by this change will be able to hurdle it through the pain and redirect ourselves to conquer new ground. May this be a positive turning point and the mark of a new start for everybody.
To those who will be left behind and hold the fort, be courageous. There are more milestones to be reached, more victories to savor. Conitnue to raise the bar of excellence for our site. God-willing, one day, the Philippines will be 7K-manpower strong again.
God is in control now and he will be in control over our future. Accept, trust and obey. Then move on.


csseyah said...

i don't think its true but maybe yes :p nice blogs :) more more post :) God Bless you

sachin said...

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Bernie said...

Thanks for the wonderful advice