Friday, September 26, 2008

On Character

A person's true character is revealed in times of challenges & trials. His true values come out of the open when there are tough choices to deal with; when he may either compromise with ease or stand for his convictions.

I know of a person who has a very strong character. Aside from being professional at work, he is the kind of person you would like to know better & emulate. He handles life's issues with objectivity & composure. Grace under pressure. He refrains from having favorites and treats even his subordinates with respect. He is also my role model in terms of discipline and work ethic. He is tough inside out and empowers his people to succeed. He admits his mistakes and learn from them. He is a passionate family man and manager. His sense of humor is subtle.

Though we no longer see each other, I still remember his character which had a very strong impression on me. And though I am a "work in progress," I hope to be able to follow his footsteps someday.

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Gracie said...

Hi Edna. cool you ang dami mo nang post. sorry kasi I was not able to reply you back kanina. Anyway, I posted an article on how you can do it and I hope it's easier to follow. If you have question pa po, just let me know ha. BTW, I already add you in my list. Thanks!