Saturday, September 27, 2008


The secrets toward not having stage fright when hosting parties or programs:
  1. Be genuinely interested in people. Know your audience before you face them. Think & be convinced that your audience will have a grand time.
  2. Do not be consumed with self-defeating thoughts onstage or offstage. This kills confidence and shows on your face (it turns red), hands (they tremble and sweat), your whole body.
  3. Do not be conscious at all. Avoid thinking that you will screw up or that you will stutter or that you are not good enough.
  4. Practice well, practice smart, and then practice some more. It doesn't matter whether the activity is big or small. Every event is an opportunity to master your craft.
  5. Read voraciously. You can share (talk) endlessly when you read a ton. Stock knowledge.
  6. Learn from previous mistakes.
  7. If the event permits, encourage participation.
These I've learned from 17 years of hosting events. It's never too late for anyone to start conquering their stage fright. So what are you waiting for...break out of your shell! :-)

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