Thursday, November 8, 2012

What is your Favorite Comfort Food?

 Food not only nourishes our grumbling stomachs but also serve to ease our burden of sorts. It may also remind us of happy childhood memories and familiar places like home. Some people may go for sweets while others turn to salty food. Others would crave for ice cream or anything cold. Here are some of our all-time favorite food that sticks closer than a brother:

French fries. Whether it is from Mc Donald's,  Wendy's or other fastfood chain, the crunch and saltiness of french fries provide us that feeling of satiety.

Chips. We all grew up loving Pringles and Chippy. Now there is more variety offered by local brands like Piattos, Nova and Potato Chips. We even have chicharon substitutes like Marty's and Mang Juan.

Chocolate. From the stressed-out to those with "sweet tooth," the world will be a miserable place without cocoa in solid or liquid form. I personally like Cadbury, Toblerone and other chocolate brands with nuts in it.

Soup. Many folks out there turn to soup for comfort. It fills your tummy right away and it bursts in flavor. From the commercial brands to the home-made ones, soups will always be a mainstay in our menu.

Bread, cakes, and pastries. We always like to have bread because it is easy to buy and quick to eat. The buttery and creamy taste of cake calms the nerves. It makes you forget that you had a bad day.

How about you? What is your favorite comfort food? Share it here.