Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We Salute the Educators

Teaching is a calling. To be patient in parting knowledge and inspire students day-in and day-out is a noble act. Having the discipline to prepare lesson plans, check papers and record grades are only among the arduous tasks teachers face daily, 10 months a year. Many teachers still squeeze in time to tutor lagging students, or coach excelling students in divisional or regional competitions.
I remember 5 teachers who have influenced me deeply. It's my turn to thank all of them for their passion, commitment and dedication in teaching me and the countless students. Ms. Pineda, who was my kindergarten teacher in BF Homes School, Pilar Village, Las Pinas, taught me my ABCs, 1,2,3s, and the Hawaiian hoola dance (my first public appearance). Mrs. Palomique, my grade 4 Pilipino teacher in St. Mary's Academy, Pasay City, exposed me to recite poems in all of grade 4's 8 sections. She would introduce me to her class as a student who was creative and prolific in delivering poems. We'd go from one section to another, and with each poem recited with gusto, my confidence soared sky-high. Ms. Gracia Divina Pablo, my grade 6 adviser (also in St. Mary's Academy), encouraged me to hone my leadership and academic skills simultaneously. On that year I became a girl scout troop leader, the most mission-minded student, and the class vice-president of Section 1. Ms. Myrna Vidal, my first-third year high school English teacher, gave me confidence to write and to edit in our school paper, the Magdalenean. She also coached me as I prepared for extemporaneous competitions, essay-writing contests, and declamation contests. When I reached fourth year high school, Ms. Carolina Baylen, my Pilipino teacher, exposed me to join and win Pilipino competitions at the divisional level, be a part of the youth municipal officers in Cavite City, and even become Bb. Wikang Pambansa title holder.
When I reached college, and thereafter, my MBA, I realized how much influence my teachers had on me. I was equipped with patience for research, discipline to accomplish assignments and projects within lead time and to participate in recitations. Studying, for me, is not a chore but an adventure. I enjoy learning and absorb knowledge like a sponge absorbs liquid.
To pay homage to all my teachers, I volunteer-teach in 2 public schools in General Trias. The opportunity to share and to make a difference in the life of today's youth is so immense. If I can only do a fraction of what my teachers did for me as a student then I would be content.
To all our teachers, you are heroes. Kudos to you.

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