Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No Way But Up

There is more to life than just existence. Don't settle for anything less than what life has to offer. Set your sights on things above. There is no way but up. Start believing again that what you envision in your mind and hold dearly in your heart will come true. No ifs, no buts. Cheer up. Right now. Dream again. Outdo yourself again. Win your daily battles. Do not be disheartened by roadblocks or obstacles. instead, learn from them.
There is so much power in each of us to mold our future to what we so desire it to be. However, we unconsciously allow other people or circumstances to drive us when our minds become lazy; instead of thinking creatively, we choose to sulk in purposelessness...assuming that even if we don't proact, things will still turn out for us favorably. Expecting change or improvement to happen when you are not changing anything in your situation is foolish.
We cannot act like victims and let other people run our lives for us. Neither can we remain passive in silent protest when our lives are going on the opposite direction of where we want it to be. We must jump on our vision, cease life's daily opportunities, and rekindle the passion to turn our dreams in to reality.
Let us propel to greater heights, using our faith as our right wing, and our focused actions as our left wing. Resist to live in mediocrity. Every morning is a chance to do one's best, and every night - a time to dream new dreams that will find it's fulfillment in the morning.
Don't wait until you're 40, or 50, or until you've retired, or until your kids grow up and get married;don't wait until you become a millionaire, or until you marry one. Live your best life now. Make it happen!

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