Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sweet Celebration

Slices of chocolate cakes and ice cream cones are indispensable in memorable occasions. These were given as thank you tokens to CV employees for an excellent CPU delivery.

As a symbol of gratitude, no less than the shift managers and manufacturing supervisors handed over the comfort foods. It was like a mini-birthday partylast night!

Here's the mascott (at the right, wearing a hat) delightfully giving away a 250-calorie vanilla drumstick ice cream to a bonafide sweet tooth :-)

Stuffed with Goldilocks and Cornetto drumsticks, all the employees in our shift literally tasted the "sweet taste of success!"It was truly a sweet tooth's paradise! However, much more sweeter than these is the $1,500 prize for hitting the Q3'08 CVAT challenge which will be given on October 25. Less tax, that's around Php40,000! Fantastico!!!

Thanks to the Intel management for all these blessings!
By the way, it's the 10th of the month, remember? So happy pay day to all!


Simply Lhai said...

Sayang I was not there to experience how it feels to be served by my masters…hehehe

Anonymous said...

sabi nga, "Let them eat cake..." hahahaha.