Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Intel Pinoy Singing Idol & Intel Dance-off Contest in CV

The Intel Pinoy Singing Idol & Intel Dance-off Contest in CV was an SRO (standing room only) event! A silent corner in the CV canteen transformed into a performing stage complete with lights and sounds. Eleven contestants unleashed their singing prowess and vocal styles in the Intel Pinoy Singing contest. From pop, to ballad to gospel, all the different genres were showcased. Almost all the departments were represented so each contestant has his/her own cheering team when they sang. On the other hand, the performances of the four groups that joined the Intel Dance-off were just as exciting. All of them were from manufacturing department. The dance hits of hip-hop icon FLO Rida (pronounced "Flo- ray-duh" as per my friend Mike) were the most popular tunes.The audience had fun watching the show which ran for two hours and most of our audience did not mind standing up the whole time! Hosting this show was a truly enjoyable experience. This afternoon's back-to-back Intel Pinoy Singing Idol & Intel Dance-off Contest in Intel Cavite was a blast!


Anonymous said...

The event would not be as fun and exciting as it was without the superb, bubbly and witty host - EDNA Guevara.

U really ROCK ate EDS! :)

the donG said...

working at the same time enjoying! i learned that intel is moving to laguna soon.