Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Three Fs

We left Cavite before 7:00 AM to go to Valentino's Resort and Spa. It's a date with my family and our other Intel Involved volunteers' families. It was a day where everyone expected to have fellowship, fun, and a feast. The place was captivating, to say the least. Located in Brgy. Pinagtung-ulan, San Jose, Batangas, this pristine getaway faces the majestic Mount Makulot. The owners intended to leave in an untouched state the contour of the land which added for more visual effect. The pavilion became our fellowship hall where the families convened, ate and where the children played games.

Two pools set on the lowest and farthest part of a resort captivate even the non-swimmer to take a dip and enjoy. (You should see the kids beg their parents to swim some more even though they're already tan!) The cabanas complete the ambiance of elegance and accentuate the "pamper me philosophy".
After swimming for an hour, we explored the hanging bridge in the resort. This bridge connects the pool area to the three guest houses. When I asked Mrs. Tessie Patron, resort proprietress, why there are three guest houses, she told me it's because she has three children.
The invigorating massage in Valentino's Spa made this day much more special. While waiting for my turn to be rubbed in lavender oil by Miss Yolly, I spent the afternoon, with Mrs. Patron as we engaged in meaningful talk. I was inspired by their family's penchant for engaging in several businesses. It also came as a pleasant surprise for me that this resort was originally intended for family use only. They opened it eventually to the public, due to popular demand.
I can only describe the massage as indulgence to the max! All my muscles aches were vanished after the 45-minute session. It makes me want to slumber thereafter.
Interested parties may go to or call tel nos. (043) 783-0558'; 09184952338/09208025023.

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Joy-Anne said...

Wow! what a relaxing way to spend the weekend. I'd love to take a dip into the pool and have a massage right now. enjoy your week.