Monday, October 6, 2008

My Passion that is Running

I'm enthralled and oozing with excitement. I'll be running my 2nd marathon on October 11, 2008 Saturday. This time it will be the Adidas King of the Road marathon. Assembly starts at 5:00 am in Bonifacio Global City. I'll be wearing Bib number 9857, blue shirt, medium (whoa! No longer XL). 5 kilometers.
My passion for running started in grade 1 when I ran 100-meter relay dash in St. Benedictine Abbey School, Alabang. My second opportunity came in college when I trained in the track and field varsity team of my university (in Diliman).

When I started working, I have always hoped I can run again, even just for fun. This year, it happened.
Thanks to my running buddy Jenesis Tagle, who registered on my behalf for my first-ever marathon (Milo marathon last August), and this upcoming run. He always made sure my shirt sizes fit. He also took pictures of us after the event. Cool!
Thanks also to my running buddy Michael Espino for allowing me to carpool in these early morning gigs.
Finally, thanks to running buddy & (girl scout) Lorelie Alan for lending me an extra towel when I was dripping wet during the Milo run.
I'm grateful for the moral support the three of them give me.
Adidas is correct. Impossible is nothing. At this point of my life - it is.

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the donG said...

i can see that you are really having a healthy lifestyle.