Saturday, October 4, 2008

Travel Light

It's amazing to observe how astronauts leave planet earth carrying only their bare essentials. They don't load up their space shuttles with jewelry, designer clothes or golf clubs. They travel light. No extra baggage. Despite this, they have a grand time.
Though not all of us will get the chance to go to outer space, we can take a cue from our astronauts in terms of travelling light. We should learn to prioritize. Get rid of the unnecessary activities - things that do not have value-add. Live in day-tight compartments. Do not procrastinate. Face one problem at a time. Do not complicate the simple. Do not carry bitterness and anger in your heart. Stop blaming others for the unfortunate things that happen in your life. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Just learn from them. Learn from others''mistakes. Grow up but don't grow old. Don't stop hoping and dreaming.
Have in life only the essentials. The critical few. You'll enjoy life much better then. In simplicity there is order. In order there is peace. So travel light and enjoy the adventure that is life.

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