Thursday, December 25, 2008

Special Gifts I Received This Christmas

I'm blessed to receive very special gifts this Christmas.
The team 2 manufacturing supervisors drew lots for our Kris Kringle. I was thrilled to get my Christmas wish which I wrote on our white board. But it was much more than a was a masterpiece! Creatively encapsulated inside an Absolute mineral water bottle and nesled amidst shreds of comic strips was Stephen Covey's bestseller, "The 8th Habit" from my wacky friend, Christian Nacionales.

My manager Gilbert Miral gave me another bestseller - The Secret. I read it in just 2 days! I've been saving to buy the book in January '09 but he already beat me into buying it.

I love these books because they help me introspect. They are tools for inner growth.
Thanks a lot to Sir Gilbert and CN for this gifts of knowledge! I will treasure them for a lifetme. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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