Saturday, December 20, 2008

Intel Philippines Front-of-Line Assembly Engineering Christmas Party

Christmas is a special time when we can we can gather with friends and share fun & laughter, food and drinks, even tears of joy. One such warm get-together was the FOL Assembly party. It was a well-attended and memorable event.

The party people wore black shirts with a common design. According to JP Santos, the shirt has all the Intel buzzwords of the last quarter printed in different fonts & sizes, which from afar looked like circuits. That's C-R-E-A-T-I-V-E!

The party started with a bang as the Children of Hope Community caroled their way into the hearts of the attendees. They sang fast tunes and Christmas songs which brought the house down!

This generous group gave more than P2000 as a token of their appreciation! So the kids thanked them in return with the traditional "pagmamano" gesture because all the FOL folks became their instant godparents that day.

There were 2 kids who were special particularly because their looks resemble that of our office mates Rey Adriano & Donald Locana :-)

Among the games played in the party was The Battle of the Jologs. The group was divided into into 2 groups. Each group was asked to line up in ascending order according to waistline. This created a wacky commotion among the group because they were suddenly forced to disclose their vital stat!!

Other highlights include the tribute to our separating employees, and the presentations per section (ala "That's Entertainment" ni Kuya Germs ang arrive").

Special thanks to the committee who came up with the Assembly Video tribute tokens and for making this gig possible: Cris Sumague, JP Santos, Daisy Sapul, Ronald Ebora, Dea Fucoy, Jason P. Cruz, Rina Guzman, Allen Mari De Leon, Ed Gacho &
Rhodora "Dhoy" Amaya. It was a Box Office Hit!!

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