Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Habits are at first cobwebs, then cables.
-Spanish Proverb

Bez usually have front-end loaded weekdays. She’ll be busy working from 7am-4pm; with the mind functioning more than the body, engaging in analysis and a lot-of decision making as a manager in a multinational firm. After getting off from work at 5pm, she becomes a certified couch potato. After all, the television offers such an easy escape; it has been proven time and again to remove stress. However, coupled with TV viewing is eating and drinking junk (food). Time flies and she is still smitten by the TV hypnosis during dinner time. She’d bring the food in front of the TV and eat mindlessly until she eats tons of carbohydrates and empty calories. 2 hours have passed after dinner and she’s still watching TV and she’s still sedentary. This vicious cycle goes on and on, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year. The weekends are a bit active but food abounds when she goes out with friends for their girl bonding activities. Her gastronomic consumption is tempered only by twilight zone episodes of fitting room traumas in department stores. If there’s a special occasion coming up that requires new clothes, then Bez has a major problem. The best cuts just don’t fit. Cellulites get in the way! It’s predictably frustrating all of the time. Hours of torment while fitting and ending up with nothing at all. It always crashes every inch of her self-esteem.
During these situations, when reality sinks in and she asks, "what happened to my body? It’s as if I swallowed a lifesaver that got stuck on that familiar place I used to call my hips. What happened?" The answer: your lifestyle sucks big time! One eventful regret after another and yet the scale won't move lower a bit! One can't expect a different output if the input is the same. Having onsistent worng choices and expecting different results is foolishness.
So in one of those dark moments she had a conviction to put an end to all these 50 pounds of excess baggage. She’s got the time, the money, the resources to make this work. SHE WANTS TO STOP ALL THE NONSENSE ALREADY AND GET HER LIFE BACK!
So what happened after that?

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