Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Connect Knowing with Doing

Everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.
2 Corinthians 4:17 (NLT)

I’m a voracious reader. I consumed 1/4 of my life reading about fitness and weight loss. Much of the passion comes from the motive of seeking direction, answers and revelation. However, I often struggle applying all the positive things I’ve learned in one particular area of my life. I had an “Aha moment” when I read that “no one ever got fit by just reading a fitness book.” So I inquired of the Lord how I can connect knowing and doing. He replied that I should cry out to Him for renewal. I have to repent first. A changed heart, leads to a changed mind. Then a change in the body follows.
So I prayed, "Lord, I cry out to you for spiritual renewal; renew also my thoughts and attitude. I repent of my laziness and lack of respect for my body when I overeat. Often in the past have I neglected regular exercise and fed it with rubbish (fatty, oily, and junk food) during my emotional highs and lows. Forgive me Lord, for eating rice like there is no tomorrow; and for eating less vegetables and fruits as I should. Please re-script me Lord. Only you can change the program in my heart...and in my stomach. I failed depending on sheer willpower; it was not sustainable. I just slipped right back. Lord, I know I cannot buy self-control in a book, equipment or pill form. I realize that I cannot entrust caring for my own body to the hands of other people now or when I get old. I love my family too much and I cannot bear to be a cause of their grief over diseases that I can very well avoid. I am accountable for this temple you gave me; you can use my life to the fullest if it’s healthy and whole. So after taking charge of this area of my life for 20 years, I now lay it down before you. Thank you Lord. From now on, I will not fret about this anymore because you are in control."
I thank Him because He heard my prayer. How did He answer?

1. I received fruits from my mother which made watermelon, apples and pineapple more satiating to the palate. . I already know they're nutritious but suddenly, they also taste better! They bring forth calm to my raging sweet tooth which had a mind of its own.

2. My work schedule changed. This meant I no longer got to eat with my food trip buddies in the cafeteria 3 times within our shift. I realized how "efficient" we were in observing break times. Now that I eat alone, I no longer go for second servings or for dessert. I was a social eater after all.

3. I got convicted to keep a food log so I'll mind what I eat. I felt utter embarrassment the first time I did this because I almost filled up half the page! I also realized how much of a carbohydrate addict I was, and that I was not wise enough to eat a balanced diet. For that day I ate rice, bread, rice cake which were all carbs. I was obese yet undernourished. I lasted a day without fiber in my diet. Now I ensure I eat a balanced diet at the right amounts. (Nakakapagod magsulat kasi maraming sinusulat kapag maraming kinakain.)

4. I got convicted to take advantage of my daughter's running race pace for burning calories everyday. I'd chase her as she runs playfully in our neighborhood or in the clubhouse. (I used to delegate this task to the babysitter as I watched TV.) This daily playtime results to about 500 calories burned daily. Aside from the adrenalin rush and the release of happy feelings brought about by the exercise, we also have more bonding time when we do this. This is win-win.

5. I learned to simplify. Previously, I've got to be in a gym or a marathon match to exercise. How limiting that was! Now, if I want to exercise, I just go right about and do it. I get my hoola hoop, jump rope, dumb bells or just go to our terrace for a good stretch. I jog on Saturday mornings while my kids are asleep. Things just kept getting better and better since I yielded.

God is good. God taught me the Law of the Harvest. One reaps what one sows. I'm now healthy.


Anney said...

hello! I already added you to my blog list! Have a great week!

Amy said...

Hi Edna, sure we can ex-links.. just let me know when you're done adding mine so that I can add yours too.

Thank you for stopping by!

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Natasha said...

Hi Edna,
Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog: Healthy and Gourmet. I know what you mean; it is difficult for adopt new eating habits, especially when you have eaten a certain way for all of your life. For me, I grew up eating mostly carbohydrates: flat bread for breakfast, rice for lunch, flatbread again for more rice for dinner. We ate meat once or twice a week, and our vegetable dishes were mostly cooked beyond recognition. Therefore, it was a long time before I started eating well balanced meals on a daily basis.
The easiest way to do this is in small steps. For example, if you have a sandwich, add sliced cucumbers or spinach to the other fillings. Try to include a small salad with each meal. Try to incorporate vegetables to your noodles or fried rice dishes - I like to use beans sprouts here.
As for becoming vegetarian, I still eat seafood and dairy products. That way, I don't feel deprived and crave meat.
I hope these little points were helpful. Good luck with all of your goals.

Loving Annie said...

You listened and were given the tools - and then used them ! Thought plus effective action consistently followed will do it every time :) Congratulations !

Fruitfulvine2 said...

I know what you mean in the healthy department. People may look at me and see my ok size and think I am healthy but I know better. I feel the same as you when you say you do not want your family burdened with a sick body that could have been avoided. My hubby and I are on a track to eat healthier and healthier. I've been on the journey since we got married, he's been on it for almost all his life. It's just so amazing how much better things taste when you don't add extra salt and processed seasonings. It wasn't my goal to lose weight but I moved from 145 to 135 which is closer to where I know is healthy for me.

I found you via The Secret Is In The Sauce. What you've written resonated so much with me that I'm joining your bloglog community and adding you to my follow list.

Sorry this was so long but I could read myself in your words. Have a wonderful day!

Stesha said...

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