Saturday, February 7, 2009

Clowning Around

My daughter Roo is afraid of clowns and mascots. We did not get her into being scared of it - she simply has been that way since she was a baby. Of course, this has an economic upside...clowns and mascots are banned when planning her birthdays, until we end with the decision of having no party at all. That's P20K cost avoidance in 2 years! Well, no kiddie party at least until she gets over the phobia.
When we attend friends' kiddie parties, we'd start bidding the celebrant goodbye shortly before Jollibee, Hetty or Grimace arrives. Otherwise, it will be a traumatic experience for her. And for us as well. So for the meantime, she just gets contented holding the still, life-sized version of Ronald Mc Donald outside the store.
We saw this clown in Toyota Dasmarinas, Cavite during the launch of Toyota Corolla Altis 2.0 last February 7. Still sleepy from the travel from Silang, she shuddered at the mere sight of this goofy clown! Then she panicked because this one had a buddy...a sidekick clown! "As if one was not enough," she must have thought!

So that whole afternoon in Toyota was like a Twilight Zone experience for her. Look at her in this picture, still scared from the sight of seeing one of the clowns take a break and draw water from the drinking station! When the clown saw her, he started doing goofy stuff and Roo really freaked out! As if she wanted to go back to my womb again in terror. The big nose scared her, the colorful costume did not appeal to her at all. It was horrendous! After a while, the clown left a bit confused. This was a different kid he figured out for sure.
I'm sure in time she'll realize that her own mother is a big time clown herself and she won't be afraid anymore!

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