Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Envelope, Please….

Anticipation arises out of what each envelope contains. However, there is far less resistance in the mind now because it’s just a matter of time until it all comes to an end.
Every end marks a new beginning….
My fear of uncertain days ahead has been replaced with courage and excitement. I already accepted that nothing lasts forever…even Intel (in the Philippines).
Another chapter will unfold in Q3. Only this time, the paths will be as varied as there are the many number of employees who will separate. Success will be defined no longer in terms of factory deliverables and Critical Success Indicators (CSIs) but on how each one will make use of the work ethic, skills set and network that one gained in Intel. There is, undoubtedly, a competitive advantage if you’re an Intellite. (May everyone realize and appreciate that there is.) Through our veins run our Intel values; we know how to strategize & focus- how to make a game plan. We know how to do cost-benefit analysis and derive decisions that are data-driven. Most importantly, we know how to execute – we flawlessly deliver. We also know how to evaluate, to make things better in the next cycle. And in all things we apply safety and quality. These are life skills tattooed in every Intellite.
CV will end soon but there will be no goodbyes. The happy memories, milestones and victories will linger for a lifetime. The challenges and learnings that made us strong and mature will equip us for the exciting adventure ahead.
The journey has been magical. My 11 years in Intel has been the best 11 years of my life.


pinoykritik said...

it is sad that intel will be leaving the Philippines after 35 years, but that is the way life is, always have endings.
but when this door closes there is another door that opens.

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chinky said...

sad nga, truly nothing is permanent in this world, kahit wala na Intel the Lord is there naman, you still have the biggest thing you can grab..btw, inform you lang If you know Dr. Abrenica yung Dr natin sa COAAMI, kasama natin lagi si Mission noon, he passed away last friday, mas nauna na sya sa atin. Regards sa inyo ha...

Anonymous said...

yah it's true intel made a big part in all of our lives, thru thich & thin intel is always been there to support not just only financially but also spiritually because of the true friends we have been with for so many years. as for me whose been here for 13 years now i've learn a lot from most of the people around and all of this people became a part of my personal life coz some of them were my kumare's & kumpare's. intel also taught us how to be strong no matter what it takes, it made us to be a good decision makers because in here we develop skills. we grow better each in every day of our life, we also consider this as our 2nd home which is where we also met our partners for the rest of our lives.. Thanks to intel who molds me who am i now...