Tuesday, March 31, 2009


These are the things in life I do not take for granted:
My spiritual health – I make sure my personal relationship with God is healthy. I do not let rubbish get in to my heart.
My family – Daily, I work at loving them unconditionally.
My physical health – I pay attention now to what gets in to my system; I do regular preventive maintenance.
My mental health – I consciously work at using the left side of my brain also because I grew up using my right side most of the time. I read a lot but I don’t believe everything I read.
How I invest my time – I only do high value tasks and they are all related to my long-term and short term goals.
My friends – I have been working at establishing deeper friendships; keeping in touch with friends from my high school & MBA years, and having lots of friends in Intel. One of the things I learned in life is that to be successful, one must be relational, not merely transactional. You must connect to influence.
Finances and stewardship – I am prudent and I live beneath my means so I can live a worry-free life. My principle for stewardship: because I love, I give.
My community – I do something to ensure that care for the environment is fostered and that the coming generation is empowered through education and safety awareness.
My Career – I only have 2 guiding points here: what I do for a living has to have a valuable contribution to society, and I must have fun in what I’m doing.

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