Monday, March 23, 2009


Many women hide behind sleeved shirts and blouses because of saggy arms that can be initially mistaken as legs in the first look. Anyone who has worked to come up with Jennifer Aniston arms can easily pick a dress or evening gown without having the pain of seeing wiggly limbs. Also, one cannot overstate the importance of having "executive arms" during summer. Comfort dictates that we wear light and sleeveless clothes but we sacrifice comfort for decency. We hate being teased of having Jabbar arms so we just bear with the heat. Those who like to make fun of those who dare even comment that women who have no "right" to wear sleeveless blouses are looking for trouble ("naghahanap ng away") and they'll be out to get it.
Proportion is one key to beauty. So let me specify that a lady's arms should be proportioned and well-toned to complement the face and the rest of the body.

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Loving Annie said...

Having good muscle tone at any age is important !