Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Cocoy

Enrico Carreon, or Cocoy to his friends, celebrated his 3xth birthday today. As his colleague, I can say that he is one of Intel Philippines' most open-minded and diplomatic employees. No wonder he became an integrator. He is also a hands-on family man to his loving wife and 2 kids. Also a certified tech-savvy guy you can call (like GAR TAC) if you happen to have any questions on SmartBro, WeRoam, Torrent, PSP or any PC troubleshooting stuff.
Unknown to many, Cocoy has a unique talent of closing his eyes when getting into tight traffic situations (in Aguinaldo Highway counter flow, for example) . We witnessed that while we carpooled with him to Macapagal Avenue for our Christmas party dinner. When one car swerved in front of us, he instinctively closed his eyes! Whoa! I call that driving by faith, not by sight :-)
He is allergic to one thing: traffic enforcers in the Metro who may apprehend him for a no violation at all (mapagtripan lang ba...) No one wants to be wrongfully accused right? :-)
He's the tallest guy in this foto-loco shot taken last year; goofing around with me and another certified buddy Chris Nacionales (CN).

Good health and success in all your endeavors in the years to come! If you need someone to emcee your special occasions, supply you with construction materials, or supply you with your transport needs, or supply you with meat and chicken products - I'm just a phone call away. May your tribe increase, brother :-)

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CrisN said...

happy birthday cocoy!!! and drive safely...nice one ed.