Saturday, March 7, 2009


It's been 9 years since I've been to Subic. So I was surprised to see the Subic, Clark, Tarlac Express Way (SCTEX) in full swing. It made Subic much more accessible.
It was my first time to dine in Gerry’s Grill. At lunch, we had grilled squid, vegetable fried rice, fried chicken, bangus belly in tamarind soup, sisig, with steamed rice. I had sago (tapioca) and gulaman for my drink. The restaurant was by the shoreline and Al fresco, giving a refreshing view as we ate. I watched some people jet ski; though I haven't mustered the guts to rent one, I bet it was a lot of fun.
Then I went to the Subic Convention Center for the first time. Supporting the Philippine Science Fair was fulfilling and fun! The theme of the event lingers to this day: "do not trap the genius. Unleash the genius. Nurture the genius."
The Majestic Hotel was a stone’s throw away from Gerry’s. The rooms were clean and the comfort room was spacious. We checked in there and had a good night's sleep after 4 hours of travel from Cavite. My first time to check in a hotel and spend overnight in Subic was cool.
Jogging around Subic early next morning was invigorating. There were a number of people walking fast; bound for work. There were three joggers besides myself and a handful of street cleaners. The place felt so safe and secure. It was pleasantly quiet and notably progressive. I saw James Gordon’s monument, the monument of the children of the sun returning, and the old airplane. As I jogged around the complex for the first time and saw many other hotels and lodging places, I thought of bringing my family here this summer.
After breakfast, we began to search for an extraordinary gig: the one you would uniquely find in Subic. Alas! We found the Tree Top Adventure; it primarily impressed me as death defying. The highest elevation was over a hundred feet from the ground and we were only suspended with canopy cables. There was also the vertical drop-definitely not Yet my thing now. Maybe next year...hhhhm. Special thanks to our certified tour guide and escort Mr. Richard Bagsic who did a terrific job at ensuring our saftey during the 40-minute close encounter with Mother Nature. We literally entrusted our lives to him as he strapped our harnesses in the cables. His stories of the wild remind me of National Geographic documentaries about the oldest trees that are energy sources, rare plants and insects, bats and the bamboo trees. This photo on the left was taken after the nature tour. I'm just so glad to be alive!
Lunch for day 2 was in the shorelines of Camayan Restaurant and Resort. I loved the binagoongan. Immediately hereafter, we plunged in the beach and took a 1-hour dip. This was a great bonding moment...we talked a lot in between swimming in chest-deep water! It was cold at first, but it gets comfortable as our bodies eventually adjusted in the temperature.
One's trip to Subic isn't complete without shopping for PX goods.However, being the prudent one, I only bought 6 items in Puregold Subic Duty Free Supermarket. First was the Coffee Mate Coffee Creamer for my husband who is a "coffeeholic," a Dora the Explorer hairbrush for my daughter Roo, Spam meatloaf for my son Joshua and 3 Subic souvenir t-shirts; (just in case I don't return here for another 9 years!)
I'm grateful to our friend, Jay Tulao for capturing and sharing these pictures.

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