Sunday, January 25, 2009

With Christ In My Vessel

I was so blessed to hear Pastor Paul Chase’s preaching in the 8am worship service. He shared that one of the vital things necessary in every believer’s life is to allow the Word of God to be the source of truth in my life.
God knew I was hurting so bad from the January 20 announcement that our company will be closing this year. There was so much bad news going around. So God comforted me and revealed these truths that I believe:

Isaiah 41:13
I am the Lord your God;
I strengthen you and tell you,
Do not be afraid; I will help you.

Isaiah 43:5
Do not be afraid, I am with you!

Isaiah 46:4
I am your God and will take care of you
Until you are old and your hair is gray.
I made you and will care for you;
I will give you help and rescue you.

Thank you Lord, for the reassurance. With Christ in my vessel I can smile at the storm.

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