Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Family Bonding

Our first stop was in Market! Market! Located in Carlos P. Garcia Avenue (C-5) corner 32nd Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Metro Manila. The mission: to satisfy my son’s craving for
World-famous Krisy Kreme! It was an adventure to search for the doughnut place in Market! Market! To my surprise, the store was actually in Bonifacio High Street. So we crossed the street & headed to Boni-Hi.
Then there it was…one of Krispy Kreme Doughnut’s home in the Philippines! The look and feel of the store is immaculate clean and cozy. Sunday morning’s service crew team provided excellent customer service. My daughter Roo was given a balloon & a hat for souvenirs.Everyone looked at the display counter and immediately knew that we were in for a special treat!
We started off by ordering 6 pieces of honey-glazed donuts. The first bite is surreal…the softest dough…a paradise for the sweet tooth indeed! As I was savoring the first bite, the other 5 doughnuts were gone! They were consumed in a flash! So, to make the trip worthwhile, we ordered a 2nd box (another half dozen) together with a talk glass of frappe for Josh and steaming hot coffee to match.
As we were enjoying the food and the ambiance, my son suddenly exclaimed, “I want to live here!” perhaps experiencing the sugar rush.

Next stop was the Fully Booked Bookstore, also in Bonifacio high Street. People flocked to the store to buy the bestsellers. They carry a wide array of reading materials that delight bibliophiles of all ages. They also carry CDs and exquisite gift items.
This turned out to be a priceless bonding moment :-)

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