Saturday, April 18, 2009

Taga-saan Ka?

Where do you reside? It’s not merely the lot or block you live in; not merely your barangay or municipality. It’s not even your country or your continent. Your address is the planet Earth. So you should care for her like you do your own body. You need to be sensitive that relocating to another planet is not yet a viable option. So not only are you bound to make do of being its inhabitant, you must be a vigilant steward as well. Here are some things you can do to show regard for our home planet:
Use less plastic.
Plant more trees.
Segregate your garbage.
Do not smoke.
Do not smoke-belch.
Reduce, reuse recycle.
Gopaperless. Less gas, more bike. Teach your circle of influence to do the same.
When everyone becomes conscious that their address actually extends beyond their own backyard, and that there is no boundary to the contribution each individual can make to protect our planet, this will be a much safer place to live. And this will be our inheritance to the next generations, a part of our legacy.

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