Tuesday, April 28, 2009

See You Around the Corner

800 employees are separating today. I pray for everyone’s success in their future endeavors. I have never seen a more talented and productive group of people. The successes and the milestones of CV Site remain unparalleled.
Our propensity to cope is tremendous, as we still managed to hold a CV Fun Hour in the cafeteria this noontime. From where I stood, I saw everybody laughing, or at least smiling. Most of the crowd are about to be cleared at 4PM today. Nonetheless the laughter and the fun were at its peak. I saw before me long-time friends and colleagues who worked long and hard to put the Philippines in the Intel map. And now, after 35 years, it is all about to end.
After the program, deep sadness began to creep in. This is it-the end of all the wonderful years of meaningful labor. It just won't be the same anymore. No more line walks, high volume production, no more eat outs and company parties. It will be hard to gather the same group of people together. Kanya-kanya na...malungkot. Masakit. Talagang masakit.
Sa lahat ng mga kamanggagawa ko sa Intel, mabuhay kayo! Nawa ay maibahagi natin ang ating mga kakayahan at talento sa buong mundo. Aking maipagmamalaki na ako ay manggagawang Pilipino sa Intel.

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