Sunday, June 21, 2009


I am now part of the minority. At least in the shuttle bus, I am. Now more of the orange Nickelodeon-colored IDs board the bus coming to Intel in the morning. Less and less of the blue badge ID holders. Less and less familiar faces who I can easily start a conversation with. The orange ID holders are younger, they look more innocent. I hope they ride the shuttle for a much longer time than I did.
I always considered the shuttle as an extension of my workplace. It is clean, safe and comfortable. Inside the shuttle, I am worry-free!
Some colleagues have courted & developed their relationships in the shuttle; I even know of a driver who fell in love with one of his passengers. I then started calling his vehicle "the love bus." :-) (I bet she was convinced na basta driver, sweet lover!)
I wonder if I will be able to ride another company shuttle after Intel. The first thing I'll do during my last day of office is to thank the bus drivers who drove me to work. I actually do this daily, but this time perhaps add pan de sal & coffee with it.

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